Club Rules


Carp Fishing and Coarse Fishing Rules at Tetley Angling

Although the Carp Fishery Rules mentioned below set out a guideline for all anglers to follow, obviously commonsense always prevails.

Please read through these rules carefully.

The Carp fisheries rules are fair and more importantly are in place to help maintain the highest possible level of welfare for the fish and the enjoyment of all anglers here at Tetley Angling / Silver Birch carp fishery.

This is the way the water has been fished for decades which has resulted in, what we consider, the best, safest and exceptional carp fishery in the North West, the proof is in the quality of our fish!

Tetley Angling / Silver Birch Carp Fishery operates a strict ZERO TOLERANCE policy at this water.

Failing to abide by these rules will result in you being asked to leave and your membership/ permit cancelled.

By fishing here you agree to abide by the following rules

  • Two rod Limit only.
  • No Keep Nets
  • Please do not drive on the grass
  • Respect other anglers and Fishery staff at all times
  • Please Keep it quiet!
  • No Children allowed at water at anytime.
  • No peanuts/tiger nuts ect.
  • No boilies. Alternative Pellets supplied by fishery
  • No dog food or cat food.
  • No artificial/imitation baits.
  • No Braided hook length or main lines.
  • No leadcore.
  • No barbed or micro barbed hooks. (Barbless Hooks only. )
  • No pets of any sort.
  • No fixed rigs. Running rigs preferred.
  • No Lead Clips or any kind, these can snag the fish when not released
  • No litter to be left on site, anyone caught will will be asked to leave. Zero tolerance on this rule.
  • Please take it home with you, Do Not Use the Bins on the Golf course at any time!.
  • No carp sacks allowed on site.
  • No membership refunds given, unless under certainĀ  circumstances.
  • Anglers are responsible at all times for the security of their personal belongings and vehicle. The fishery management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to same.
  • All natural bait allowed, maggots, worm, bread (hook only, not surface), luncheon meat, corn, sausage, ect.
  • Bread only to be used on hook submerged. NOT for surface/floating as this causes wildfowl issues on the water.
  • Hook length must be lower breaking strain than main line.
  • Radios allowed but must be kept down to a minimum and not be heard from neighboring swims.
  • Unhooking mats must be used at all times and be of an adequate size to handle large carp.
  • Dip Tank Main Car park. All Nets. Mats, Slings, must be dipped before fishing.
  • You may be asked to reel in at any time in order for your rig and bait to be checked.
  • You must always be with your rods, never leave them unattended.
  • Please be considerate towards other anglers at all times.
  • All anglers must be in possession of a valid EA rod licence.

We do not allow any none members to visit, or walk around the pool and will be treated as trespassing. This is primarily for security and also to ensure that all anglers remain undisturbed when fishing.

Silver Birch Carp Fishery is a private water on private property, all paid members are there by invite from Silver Birch Carp fisheries only.

A full set of rules can be obtained by request and will be given in your information package on joining

If you find any of the above rules to be unfair or unreasonable then we strongly recommend that this water is not for you.

Are key goal here at Tetley Angling carp fishery is to create a safe and relaxing environment to enjoy the sport of fishing, where high quality fishing and fish welfare is  paramount.

Trust us when we say, stick to our supllied bait, all our fish have been fed on on our own natural baits! See our bait section for more details

A full copy of the rules can be downloaded here

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