Coarse & Carp fishing in Cheshire – The water

Tetley Angling- The North Wests Coarse & Carp Fishing in Cheshire.

Found in the heart of Cheshire, the regions premier coarse and carp fishing water holds quite a few hidden treats for the avid angler.

Tetley angling and silver birch fisheries coarse and Carp fishing in Cheshire. Originally created and developed by Tetley Walker Warrington, and developed for the staff. This mature water spans back generations and holds many a secret.

Old carp lurk in this historic renowned water, Carp fishermen can catch many different carp species here, with some very rare specimens including English and monastery carp strains, mirror carp, common carp, wild carp, leather carp, koi carp, ghost carp, grass carp, linear carp, fully scaled mirror carp, crucian carp, with most of the carp running into upper doubles and higher!

Ultimate Carp Fishing & Pristine Carp

All of our carp in the water are in perfect, pristine fighting condition, which is down to how the water is undoubtedly managed and cared for by the staff.

The grounds are meticulously maintained and particularly respected by all our members.
With each carp putting up a good fight to match, you especially won’t not find any bloated, over fed fish in our water.

“Without reservation the welfare of all our fish is our top priority!”

North west carp fishing

‘We are not just a carp water!’

Here at Tetley Angling silver birch fisheries in Cheshire, we have a large stock of coarse fish in the water which complement the carp stock. Including mixed tench, perch, bream, rudd, golden orfe, roach, chubb, barbel all at great size and weight. Suiting all coarse anglers, some of which are of a substantial size!

With just the right amount of well designed fishing pegs. All our carefully covered with bark chippings, which without doubt keeps the sound/noise down to a minimum along the bank side.

Furthermore all of the pegs and banks at Tetley Angling fisheries are particularly well maintained. Setting the standard for some high quality and more importantly some really enjoyable fishing.

Additionally, the carp and Coarse  fishing water has two good size islands, with some nice overhangs and tricky to reach places. For instance, island features and overhanging trees and shrubs. Providing plenty of opportunity and challenge to pit your wits against the many different fish here at Silver Birch Fishery.

In addition to the beautiful grounds we have Lily pads, grass banks, small bushes and tree lines provide you with good coverage and camouflage. All within a safe tranquil, environment for overnight fishing,.

Additionally , there are no overcrowded pegs and no noise to be experienced here.

Tetley Angling Carp fishing north west

  The Great Swim –

The Coarse and Carp Fishing Pool  No.2

Tetley Angling

We have a very limited number of memberships available per season. Such as carp fishing and coarse fishing, some of which do become available mid-season.

Memberships including night carp fishing, for this select and historic water upon request. For more information Please see our membership details page by clicking here.

Please visit the contact us page for more details about becoming a member.
for coarse fishing and carp fishing at Tetley Angling silver birch fisheries.

Fully registered carp fishing, fishery and coarse fishing water with the EA and DEFRA UK Fisheries.

Environment Agency - GOV.UK